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Our executive team is comprised of four passionate members who have experience in multiple industries. 

Levi Massey - Levi is the CEO of TCG Payments, a premier partner providing credit card and payment processing services for small to medium-sized businesses. Levi initially got his start during his later years of college, where he played a major role in building and scaling an eCommerce Incubator, teaching clients how to build and scale online businesses. This experience sparked his initial introduction to digital transactions and payment systems. 

Joe Gardner - Joe is one of the Founding Members and Managing Partners of TCG Payments. Joe is an expert in the independent creator field and gig economy and the CEO of a growing software company. Joe’s experience crafting solutions for SaaS platforms designed for independent creator success has translated into assisting business owners to make decisions regarding their payment processing integrations.


Jeff Richards - Jeff is a Founding Member and Managing Partner at TCG Payments. 

Jeff is a Marine Officer, who graduated from the University of Delaware in 2019. He brings his leadership skills and extensive background in outside sales and sales management in the Facility Services and Industrial Laundry industry to TCG. Jeff is passionate about serving our clients and is on a mission to change the way merchants have been treated in the industry by building a team of local, knowledgeable consultants to assist business owners with their payment processing needs. 

Chris Reinhardt - Chris is the fourth and final Founding Member and Managing Partner of TCG. Chris’s background is in the online E-Commerce space as well as the retail sector. He is an owner and managing partner of a fast-growing, after-market sneaker retailer, with annual revenues of over 10 million. Chris is responsible for managing all B2B operations, and because of this, is an expert in strategizing optimum payment systems for all business types with physical locations. 

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