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Let's get to work architecting your new payment infrastructure. 
Payment Processing

Truly Tailored Commerce Solutions 

Solutions for every business type. Where you take payments, our solutions are there. Every step of the way. 
In-Person Payments 
On counter

A Cloud-Based POS system offers businesses real-time sales data access and transaction management from anywhere, enhancing efficiency and adaptability. With automatic updates and secure cloud storage, it provides a modern, scalable solution free from traditional on-premise constraints.

Standalone Terminal

Standalone terminals offer businesses a reliable and secure point-of-sale experience with dedicated hardware, simplifying transaction processing. Their ease of use and quick setup make them an ideal, cost-effective solution for businesses seeking straightforward payment processing.

On-the-Go Payments
Virtual Terminal
All in one dashboard

Enables businesses to securely manage transactions online, key in payments, and streamline payment acceptance through various channels for enhanced convenience and efficiency

Transactions in your client's inbox.

Send invoices via text or email through a virtual terminal, streamlining payment processes by providing convenient, digital payment options and enhancing overall transaction efficiency.

Mobile Terminal
Take payments where your customers are.

Facilitate seamless payment processing on location, providing convenience, and ensuring secure transactions anytime, anywhere.

(Mail Order / Telephone Order)

Enable secure and convenient transactions through non-face-to-face channels, allowing customers to make purchases via mail, phone, or online while ensuring payment safety and efficiency.

(Automate Clearing House) 

Offer a secure and efficient electronic payment solution, ideal for streamlined and reliable financial transactions in the absence of physical cards.

Online Payments 
Online Checkout 
Subscriptions & Recurring Billing 
Client Portal 
Hosted Payment Pages 
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It's time you benefit from a merchant account that fully supports your business.

Our merchants experience not only the latest in payment technology but the TCG difference. 

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Adaptable Solutions

Payment technologies that constantly adjust to your business as you scale.

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Lowest Rates

Our adjustable pricing models guarantee at least 30% in monthly savings from your current solution. 

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Integrated Technology

Solutions that integrate with thousands of the most used softwares powering day to day operations. 

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Flexible Payment Methods

Our team will architect a custom solution, allowing your business to accept any payment method, anywhere, any time, any way. 

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24/7 Support 

US Based phone support, immediately when you need it 24/7/365.

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Top notch security on every transaction. 

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Dependable Transactions

Modern hardware that keeps running for your business at all times. 

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Next-Day Funding 

Receive funds 24 hours from the time your terminals batch out. 

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One-Click Reporting 

Receive clear in-depth transaction reporting by the minute with just one click. 

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