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tcg integrations

TCG works with a wide range of solutions and systems, we offer our clients a multitude of integration options. Whatever platform or service you're working with, we can provide a processing solution that integrates properly. 



QuickBooks is perhaps the single most commonly used bookkeeping software for SMBs. At TCG Payments, we strive to deliver tailored solutions to your needs, including integration with QuickBooks Pro and Premier versions for just $7 per month per connected computer. Note that we do not support QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Servers.



One of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms on the planet, Shopify offers flexibility and ease of use. TCG Payments provides a complete payment processing solution that integrates directly with Shopify. Note that Shopify charges an extra 1% per transaction if is integrated into the shopping cart.



What’s the most popular website platform in the world? WordPress. And WordPress can help you sell more online, too, thanks to the WooCommerce plugin. With that being said, you still need the means to process credit and debit cards securely. TCG Payments offers full integration within WooCommerce. Note that a third-party plugin is required, which may incur an additional fee.



Zendesk is a powerful, flexible CMS that offers plenty of potential and scalability. TCG Payments offers full integration with Zendesk, including basic payment links, to help you do more with the tools you already know and love. Note that a third-party plugin is required, which may incur additional costs.

Oracle NetSuite


Netsuite is a multi-tenant, vendor-managed cloud solution for enterprise-level businesses. It is the leading software suite for enterprise resource planning. Manage your fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, eCommerce, inventory, and more with custom payment processing solutions. 



Clickfunnels is a cloud-based website marketing funnel that provides landing page solutions to market, sell and deliver products and services online. Clickfunnels is used by thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. We offer processing solutions that integrate directly with Clickfunnels. 

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