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Donation and payment platform that doesn't get in the way of your mission.

Enjoy special non-profit interchange pricing 

Keep more of your funds. At TCG we share Visa and Mastercard's vision for special benefits in the non profit sector. 

October 2011 - Visa created the Consulter Credit Card Charity Interchange Rate Program. For organizations with the MCC code 8398, Interchange Rates for this program is 1.35% + $0.05

Donations made on debit cards for both Visa and MasterCard, donations made on a debit card qualify for 0.05% and 21 cents at the lowest rate possible.

Methods of payment that qualify for these rates: 

  • Swiped or Keyed Transactions

  • Transactions settled within1 day of authorization

  • Transaction must be from merchants with MCC 8398

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Offer a range of ways making giving more accessible to your donors. 

Work with our team to build out a payment acceptance program that fuels your mission. 

Connect Invoicing, Virtual Terminal, and In-person acceptance. 

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It's time you benefit from a merchant account that fully supports your business.

Our merchants experience not only the latest in payment technology but the TCG difference. 

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Adaptable Solutions

Payment technologies that constantly adjust to your business as you scale.

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Lowest Rates

Our adjustable pricing models guarantee at least 30% in monthly savings from your current solution. 

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Integrated Technology

Solutions that integrate with thousands of the most used softwares powering day to day operations. 

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Flexible Payment Methods

Our team will architect a custom solution, allowing your business to accept any payment method, anywhere, any time, any way. 

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24/7 Support 

US Based phone support, immediately when you need it 24/7/365.

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Top notch security on every transaction. 

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Dependable Transactions

Modern hardware that keeps running for your business at all times. 

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Next-Day Funding 

Receive funds 24 hours from the time your terminals batch out. 

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One-Click Reporting 

Receive clear in-depth transaction reporting by the minute with just one click. 

Get started today, with your new payment solution.

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